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Ripe Plantains

Ripe Plantains

Ripe Plantain Slices

An ideal cut for use as a side dish or the main ingredient in a delicious dessert. These slices are very popular as an offering at Asian and Latin restaurants.

Ripe Plantain Tidbits

This diced cut is the perfect topping for any food – a natural way to sweeten any dish.

Baked Ripe Plantains (Whole)

These naturally sweet plantains can be stuffed to create an attractive, savory entrée. Add ice cream for a delicious Bananas Foster dessert.

Ripe Plantain Mash

Mashed to sweet perfection, this product can be used as an ingredient to stuff pork loin or chicken breast.

Banana Leaves

These banana leaves make the perfect wrap for your tamales, hallacas and pasteles en hoja, and will add a touch of authenticity to your ethnic dish presentations.

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Ripe Plantains Ripe Plantains

Fruit or vegetable?

Although they look alike and are from the same family, plantains and bananas are more easily distinguished by how they are used. The banana is usually eaten raw when the skin is yellow. A plantain, on the other hand, can be enjoyed at every stage of development; whether green, yellow, or spotty black. A green plantain is used similar to a potato in savory dishes offering a mild taste and starchy texture. The yellow variety turns to spotty black as it ripens and the flavor becomes increasingly sweet. These ripe plantains can be enjoyed as a delicious side or used in hearty entrées and mouthwatering dessert applications.