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Big Banana and Tio Jorge

Variety, convenience and always top quality.

Big Banana

Big Banana is the original frozen plantain brand that created the frozen plantain industry more than 25 years ago. Starting with frozen green plantain tostones, the Big Banana brand has grown to include a range of ready-to-eat-in-minutes plantain products – from tostones in several styles to ripe plantains in various cuts.

Tio Jorge

Our Tio Jorge brand was created to honor one of the founders of our original processing plant, motivating us to offer only the best quality and variety to our customers. Look to Tio Jorge for a convenient and great tasting line of frozen tropical fruits and vegetables.

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Why Big Banana and Tio Jorge are Brand Leaders

  • Yield: fresh plantains lose as much as 50% of their weight as they ripen. Our frozen pre-cooked product gives you a 100% yield.
  • No spoilage. Use only what you need and return the rest to the freezer.
  • Convenient, ready to heat and serve in two to three minutes.
  • Cleanliness, no mess and no labor required. Very cost effective.
  • Consistent quality you can depend on.
  • Keeps original taste for one year.
  • No seasonal sourcing issues; available year-round.