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Green Plantains

Green Plantains

Plantain Tostones

An essential Latin-Caribbean appetizer. Tostones are a real crowd pleaser that can be topped with anything you can imagine.

Plantain Tostones (Hawaiian Style)

A light, golden color toston in a larger size allows for more of your favorite toppings and a beautiful presentation as an appetizer or side.

Plantain Toston Cups

Hors d'oeuvres with a twist. Stuff with a variety of fillings and pass around the plate. A delicious party staple.

Traditional Tostones Bits & Pieces

Traditional green plantain tostones bits & pieces come ready for easily creating delicious plantain stuffed dishes like Mofongo.

Banana Leaves

These banana leaves make the perfect wrap for your tamales, hallacas and pasteles en hoja, and will add a touch of authenticity to your ethnic dishes.

Plantain Strips

Green plantains, sliced lengthwise into thin strips, make a golden, light and crunchy tropical treat. Its unique shape makes it perfect for dipping.

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Green Plantains Green Plantains


Green plantains, nutritious and low in fat, are found in every Latin American and Caribbean kitchen. Prepared for traditional recipes, their versatility is simply amazing. Our frozen green plantain line includes soft and crispy twice-fried plantain tostones, original and Hawaiian styles, cut round or home-fried, as well as fillable plantain cups to use in appetizers or edible soufflé cups. The result? A delicious south of the border variety for your menu.