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Tropical Vegetables

Tropical Vegetables

Malanga (Seasonal)

Prepare as a nutritious alternative to other root vegetables for a unique, earthy and nutty flavor.

Mixed Sofrito

A mix of diced onions and bell peppers, an essential base for Latin-Caribbean dishes. For an instant salsa just add tomatoes and your choice of spices.

Boniato Chunks

Just the right size for a healthy, flavorful side dish with a mild and delicate sweetness.

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Tropical Vegetables Tropical Vegetables

Not your ordinary vegetables.

Carrots and potatoes, step aside. Frozen, ready-to-use tropical vegetables take your fusion recipes to a different level. Create your own salsa with our aromatic sofrito onion and bell pepper blend. Add the nutty, earthy flavor of malanga to hearty soups. Use sancocho/tropical vegetable mix as a starting point for many Latin-Caribbean-inspired dishes. Our jalapeño peppers will add a spicy kick to any recipe. All our tropical vegetables are harvested at their peak, prepared and frozen to preserve the goodness nature intended.