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Yuca (Cassava)

Yuca (Cassava)

Pre-cooked and Shaped

Yuca Fries (Steak Cut)

Crispy on the outside, tender in the center. Pair yuca with a unique dip to create a signature appetizer. A tasty alternative to the common potato. Their standard size makes them easily portionable.

Yuca Croutons

This smaller version of our yuca fries hits the spot as a salad topper or soup garnish. Also a perfect finger food to dip in a sauce.

Yuca Fries (Thin Cut)

This thinner version of our yuca fries is a juicy burger's best friend. Drizzle with cheese and top with salsa for a new take on nachos.

Yuca Cheese Bites (Bolitas de Yuca con Queso)

Golden and light yuca filled with melted white cheese

Pre-cooked and Hand-cut

Traditional Yuca Wedges

The ideal cut as a substitute for breakfast potatoes or as a tasty side dish.

Uncooked and Peeled

Peeled Yuca

Simply boil for a delicious substitute to mashed potatoes. And a great hearty addition to a soup.

Grated Yuca

Use this as a flour substitute base to make pies, pastries, empanadas, or turnovers.

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Yuca (Cassava) Yuca (Cassava)

A wonderful alternative to fries.

Yuca, also known as cassava, is a starchy root vegetable rich in calcium and vitamin C. In the form of fries, yuca is a delightful alternative to the ubiquitous plate of french fries. One food writer dubbed yuca the potato slayer! Consider these recipes created by celebrity TV chefs: yuca fries with cilantro-infused mayo and a side of yuca fries with a grilled flank steak and chimichurri sauce. Yuca can also be boiled or mashed and added to soup. It is a traditional Cuban side dish served at the holidays usually with roast pork.